Earth | Sieging!
about 1 month ago

Today, I'm happy to announce the addition of Sieging to earth!

Here I'm going to explain what a siege is, and how it might effect your town.


The mechanics of SiegeWar are quite straightforward. Here are the basics:

Start a Siege: Place a coloured banner next to an enemy town.

Score Siege Points - Banner Control: As an attacker or defender, occupy the wilderness area close to the siege-banner for 10 minutes, thus gaining 'banner control', which provides small but constant point increases every few seconds.

Score Siege Points - Kill: As an attacker or defender, score high siege points by killing en...

Earth Map
7 months ago

Hey everyone!

With the launch of earth, I'd like to introduce you to the Earth live Map!

Here you can navigate around the earth, and find other players and their towns!

have fun!


Welcome to the forums!
7 months ago

Welcome to TheNestMC forum!

This is the official website and forum for


Have fun!


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